Load Bearing

For over 3 decades we have been perfecting the cost-effective use of load bearing cold-formed steel (CFS) framing. Our professional activity in this field includes being a founding board member of the Cold Formed Steel Engineers Institute (CFSEI -previously LGSEA), as well as participating on many code committees. In 1997 we pioneered the first ever use of cold-formed steel as the main load bearing element for 8 stories of CFS framing. Since that time, many other firms have followed this lead to drive CFS construction technologies forward.

Non-Load Bearing/Shop Drawings

Metal stud framing has been used for decades to support exterior and interior cladding systems. These wall and soffit systems have typically not been part of the main vertical load resisting systems, however, they do need to have sufficient strength to resist the lateral wind and seismic forces. Typically industry practice leaves these systems to the contractor to “design-build” the most economical system. DHP Engineering, PS has over 30 years of experience designing these systems to provide our clients the value engineered shop drawings needed to competitively build their projects.