Senior Living

Hawaii Kai

Project: Hawaii Kai
Use: Senior Assisted Living Facility
Location: Oahu, Hawaii

Structural Services: This 3 story facility was designed with cold-formed steel studs as the main framing system. A hybrid approach used metal studs for the vertical load bearing system and engineered lumber for the horizontal floor and roof framing systems. Special care was given to create details […]

Westside Village Senior Living


Project: Westside Village Senior Living
Use: Three Phase Senior Living Facility
Location: Indianapolis, Indiana

Structural Services: We utilized cold formed steel framing for this facility which included a roof framing system with specialty shapes created out of cold formed steel for the significant roof spans encountered.

Marquis Senior Living


Project: Marquis Senior Living
Use: Skilled Nursing Facility
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada

Structural Services: This two story, 62,000 SF Skilled Nursing Facility was required to use non-combustible construction materials. A light framed cold-formed steel system (CFS) was determined to be the most economical choice. Cold-formed steel roof trusses were utilized as the main structural elements. As it was […]

Kalama Heights

Project: Kalama Heights
Use: Senior Assisted Living
Location: Maui, Hawaii

Structural Services: Multiple buildings were utilized by the architect in a continuous “serpentine” pattern to meander through the project site. The project involved a “hybrid” framing approach using cold-formed steel and timber framing.

Chateau at Harveston

Project: Chateau at Harveston
Use: Assisted Living/Parking
Location: Temecula, California

Structural Services: Multiple 3 story buildings were connected in a serpentine design pattern to encircle a center court. This project included assisted and independent living units along with a separate parking structure. We used timber framing for the 3 story living units and post tension concrete for the […]

Scholl Canyon Estates


Project: Scholl Canyon Estates
Use: Senior Skilled Nursing
Location: Glendale, California

Structural Services: This 4-story project required non-combustible construction materials, so timber framing was not an option. We provided the value engineering to compare concrete, structural steel framing, and cold-formed steel framing. The economical solution was to utilize a combination of 3 levels of cold-formed steel framing supported […]

Merrill Gardens

Project: Merrill Gardens
Use: Senior Independent Living
Location: Seattle, Washington

Structural Services: This 3-story project included 120,000 SF of timber framed units over a concrete framed parking garage. The project provides a beautiful senior living respite on the edge of the downtown commercial district.