CFS - Load Bearing

For over 30 years we have been perfecting the cost-effective use of load bearing cold-formed steel (CFS) framing. Our professional activity in this field includes being a founding board member of the national Cold Formed Steel Engineers Institute (previously LGSEA), as well as multiple related code committees for the safe cost effective use of Cold-formed steel framing.

Westside Village Senior Living


Project: Westside Village Senior Living
Use: Three Phase Senior Living Facility
Location: Indianapolis, Indiana

Structural Services: We utilized cold formed steel framing for this facility which included a roof framing system with specialty shapes created out of cold formed steel for the significant roof spans encountered.

Hawaii Base Housing


Project: Hawaii Base Housing
Use: Navy/Marine Military Housing
Location: Oahu, HI

Structural Services: Our engineering services for this 3 phased, 5 year project consisting of family housing and support facilities at multiple locations throughout the Island of Oahu. The overall project budget was just under one billion dollars. Our expertise in cold-formed steel was specifically requested to guide […]

Marquis Senior Living


Project: Marquis Senior Living
Use: Skilled Nursing Facility
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada

Structural Services: This two story, 62,000 SF Skilled Nursing Facility was required to use non-combustible construction materials. A light framed cold-formed steel system (CFS) was determined to be the most economical choice. Cold-formed steel roof trusses were utilized as the main structural elements. As it was […]

Scholl Canyon Estates


Project: Scholl Canyon Estates
Use: Senior Skilled Nursing
Location: Glendale, California

Structural Services: This 4-story project required non-combustible construction materials, so timber framing was not an option. We provided the value engineering to compare concrete, structural steel framing, and cold-formed steel framing. The economical solution was to utilize a combination of 3 levels of cold-formed steel framing supported […]

Holiday Inn


Project: Holiday Inn
Use: Hotel
Location: Federal Way, WA

Structural Services: This landmark structure, constructed in 1997, is known as the first ever to utilize cold-formed steel as the complete load-bearing system for an 8-story building, as noted by the American Iron and Steel Institute. This building was cost evaluated as a concrete structure, a red iron structure, […]

Marriott Courtyard


Project: Marriott Courtyard
Use: Hotel
Location: Franklin, Tennessee

Structural Services: This high profile project consisted of 170,000 SF of guest units in two buildings. The project was unique in that it was originally to be framed with structural steel, but value engineering indicated the project could be constructed more cost-effectively using cold-formed load bearing steel for both the […]

Avia Hotel


Project: Avia Hotel
Use: High-End Hotel
Location: Napa, California

Structural Services: This elegant hotel caters to the wineries of Napa Valley and their guests. Our expertise was specifically sought to design a specialized cold-formed steel framing system which maximized long spans. This 108,000 SF project involved a unique framing approach which utilized a conventional podium post- tensioned slab […]

Hyatt Place


Project: Hyatt Place Hotel
Use: Hotel, Apartments, Parking
Location: Seattle, WA

Structural Services: This project consisted of an 8- story (90,000 SF) hotel and a 7-story (58,000 SF) apartment building supported on a common post-tensioned concrete podium slab. Below the two towers there is 104,000 SF of underground parking distributed over five levels. Our structural services for this […]